Yep, we know, rookie mistake!!!

But fear not, we've since devoted our lives to making sure you don't make the same blunder. Our love story kicked off with a light bulb moment - "Hey, we need to capture this stuff!" Now, we're your go-to wedding photographer and videographer who get it, because we've been there.

Your wedding is like a blockbuster movie, and we're here to ensure it's shot in all its star-studded glory, capturing the moments that make your heart skip a beat (minus the embarrassing dance moves, if you prefer). With Coco Celebration, you're not just hiring cameramen; you're getting a front-row seat to the grand premiere of your own love story, starring you!

We missed out our own wedding photos and videos!!!

Not just a photogapher, a visul storyteller for loved up souls

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we're Chuck & Gwen

When life throws happiness our way, let's throw a party and celebrate like there's no tomorrow! 

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No celebration is one and the same. Yours will be tailored to honor your unique journey